In holistic medicine, we understand that the body can develop into a state of imbalance as a result of stressors.  These stressors could include chemical toxins that we’ve absorbed through our diet of environment, spiritual or emotional conflict, or structural imbalances. We are not concerned with labeling a set of symptoms and then giving you a pill to cover these symptoms.  We are interested in finding out the factors involved in how you got into this imbalance and in helping you with the process your body needs to return to a healthy state.

This process usually involves reducing stress in your life, confronting emotional issues, detoxifying your body through diet and natural remedies, and correcting the structural imbalances through spinal adjustments, massage, and exercise.

We believe that the body always wants to return to a state of health and tries remarkably to protect us from the break down in to a state of dis-ease.

If we nurture and help the body, great things can take place in reversing the disease processes.